my new buddy

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I have had so much fun in this Geo!! I don’t know if it’s the car or if it is that HE found it for me. Either way, it equates to Happiness.

HE knows about cars. This is a foreign concept to me. My father didn’t work on cars. Larry wasn’t a car-knowledgeable man. And Baird has only somewhat flitted around with cars. No one I know works on cars!!

Backing up…..

I was using Darryl’s car while he was in Taiwan. We had defined our friendship as ‘Will and Grace’. I told Darryl I was seeing a really great guy (I wrote this out in a lengthy email to him – complete with pictures, explaining my excitment and issues I was worried about regarding my own inability to trust and care for someone again….) I spilled my heart out to my best friend…my “Will”…. His response?

(And I quote):

There are no circumstances in which driving to see [HIM] or [HIM] driving my car will be ok.”

Where the HECK did THAT come from?!??!!! He also added that he hoped I wouldn’t flip out over that statement.


Interesting sidenote: When HE came to visit me, I asked if he wanted to ride in the Sky. He said that he would rather drive his car around, so as to not use up my gasoline……

So I told Darryl if his car was his point of control over me, he could come pick it up. And that is what he did (or had his son do.) Which was fine with me because I needed to make a clean and clear break with Darryl.

Another sidenote: Prior to our conversation about his car, he had contacted a friend of ours here in Columbia, Lyn, and asked her if he could store the car at her house. She said it would be fine and that is where the Sky is currently located……

Of course this left me with no car in Columbia. This is where HE stepped in. “Don’t worry…I will take care of this.” – and that is EXACTLY what he has done!!

He found the car on Craig’s List.
Then he had his old college roommate go check it out (his roomate being a car mechanic)
Then he negotiated a lower price for me – over the phone with the car owner.
Then he got insurance for the car.
…got it inspected.
…fixed what needed to be fixed.
…licensed it.

On and on it goes.

He completely took care of all the stuff surrounding buying a new car. I just stood there amazed as he buzzed around me like a mad bee.

wow. I was SO thankful for his help.

And now, I’m driving a fun new convertible named Geovanni that is completely mine (but whose engine belongs wholly to HIM.)



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