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I blogged about this book about a year ago. It has been SO much fun!!! If you haven’t seen one before, it is filled with page “prompts” about how to wreck the journal. The very final thing you are suppose to do (once you’ve completed the prompts) is to tape it up and mail it to yourself.

I bought one for my niece, Jacqueline, but then KNEW I would have a ton of fun with it too. And yes, I have! I forget about it for awhile, then get it back out and have some more fun going through the pages.

While moving, I ran across it again and threw it in my Geo to carry around with me. Today, Hannah and I were sitting at a gas station in Boonville, Missouri and decided it needed some “work” done on it. I carefully placed it under the gas tank where I was filling my car and dripped gasoline on it as I was taking the hose out of the tank of my car. Hannah threw it around a little and then we decided to head on down I-70 toward home.

Sitting in the car (which was still in park), our seatbelts on and ready to go, I picked up the book and randomly turned to a page. It was this:


Hannah grabbed the book from my hands and tossed it out her open door window. And of aaaaaaalllllll the places it could have landed, it landed here –

The bucket of windshield cleaning liquid!!!!


We laughed so hard!!!!!! The other people at the gas tanks looked at us rather suspiciously, but we didn’t care. We were having too much fun! And of course, we had to stop and take a picture of it!!

We are wrecking and loving it!!! 🙂


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