cats are so weird

There is the sweetest cat residing where I am R&R’ing in Iowa. Her name is Lucinda because she looks JUST LIKE the cat in the movie “Bewitched”. Lucinda also has the sweetest 16-year-old owner ever – and you can tell it in Lucinda’s spirit. 🙂

She likes being in water and MUST have human contact often and wants to be in your lap at all times. She plays and ‘talks’ – and I’m pretty sure BELIEVES she is a dog!

Unlike all cats, though, she loves to find enclosed, hidden places where she can feel secure to nap.

While I was sitting on the couch watching a movie today, wearing a comfy t-shirt long dress – she kept playing with the bottom of the dress and I kept ignoring her. She worked her way along until I looked down and realized she was asleep, next to my leg….INSIDE MY DRESS!!

Cracked me up!!!

Cats are so weird……


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