urban, edgy, industrial goodness


i can’t explain it, but i have always loved that urban, edgy, industrial look in pictures. i seem to always gravitate to that when i’m out taking pictures for fun.

but now, things have gotten even better…..

i always laugh that Scott is a train conductor. it sounds funny; like something you say when you’re 4 years old and someone has just asked what you want to be when you grow up. but no one actually ever DOES grow up to drive trains!!

i spent the weekend in Council Bluffs, Iowa with Scott and his daughter, Haleigh (oh!, and H’s cat, Lucinda.) and as a special treat, Scott took me to the railyard on friday evening. the last thing he said as we left the house was, “…you brought your camera, right?!”

there were a million places that i wanted to jump out and take pictures, but unfortunately there are rules (blah, blah, blah….) and so just short of Scott losing his 19-year job, i tried to contain my enthusiasm and stay in the car as much as possible.

sometimes it was just an angle…
sometimes it was the color…
sometimes it was the way the sun hit the metal…

but always, every picture spoke to my wanderlust soul.


Railyard for blog

One of the buildings on the yard was an old ice house. Back in the day, when a train was carrying perishables, they would pull up to the ice house and begin pouring ice into the cars with the food.

It was the coolest building!! With the COOOOOOOLEST blue hinged door. So…some pictures HAD to be taken there!


Blue door

wild turkeys and deer were all around the yard…

what a great Friday night date!!! thank you


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