Meet Haleigh…

…and her non-thug boyfriend, Troy
(how can such a genuinely sweet boy look like a mob boss in all his pictures?!) -ha.


Last week I set my Facebook status to read: “Greta believes that today will be a momentous day…” and THIS is what I meant:

I was introduced to the core of Scott’s heart – his daughter, Haleigh. She is the sweetest, coolest, gutsyest gal ever. At 16 years old she has her head on straight and is always ready for a laugh and an adventure. And……she’s creative! (insert a big happy smiley face here!!! Do you hear the heavens ringing?!!!)

She is one year younger than my daughter, Hannah. Scott and I have been lovingly referring to them as H1 and H2 (H1 being Hannah because she’s oldest; H2 being Haleigh). H1 and H2 are already texting buddies. H2 is interested in landscaping (among other things) and has offered to help me design my yard. Personally, I look forward to a Plaza shopping trip coming up in a few weeks that will include Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and lots of talking, laughing, and creative dreaming.

For those of you who went to Truman High School, I’m sure the below picture looks vaguely familiar:


It was a “mistake” picture, but DANG! if she doesn’t look just like Scott when he was her age!!!

Haleigh – it was FABULOUS to finally get to meet you!! Your dad has bragged on you and Luke from Day One!! And he was absolutely correct about everything. I like you already and can’t wait for all the fun adventures to come!!!!!


And by the way, you have GREAT taste in men: boyfriends AND fathers. They are both pretty stinkin’ adorable!!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Meet Haleigh…

  1. Great pictures Greta! Now both of my favorite girls are on the same site:) Thank you for including H2 in your blog and your life. That makes me smile!!!!!!

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