another project checked off the list

I knew what I wanted. However I was surprised at how difficult it was to find.

I finally located it at Bed, Bath and Beyond but was shocked that what I thought was a simple purchase, actually cost WAY more than what I wanted.

Space is at a premium in my Kitchen. So I wanted a cast iron ‘arm’ to screw into the wall above my stove to hang my pots and pans on. But that stupid arm ranged in price from $89 – $200.

before picture

Uh. No thank you! I have always wanted to hang an old iron gate upside down from the ceiling – and that would feed my “recycle/repurpose” soul. Decision made.

The next stop on our day was to Hobby Lobby where Hannah wanted to show me a picture she wanted for her room. Walking back to that particular section in HL, I saw an aisle of wall decor thingys – at 50% off – and knew I had found my answer. And it was $50 (which I only paid $25)

wall thingy

With an additional expense of $5.00 in hardware, I had my pot rack holder.

finished project

Another Scott Project checked off the list! This is what happens when an Idea Gal meets a Handyman 🙂



2 thoughts on “another project checked off the list

  1. Perfect!!! So perfect, in fact, that I may have to look for something similar. I just can’t make myself pay the regular price for a pot rack. You’re so smart!!!

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