meet my neighbor, Sierra…

On Friday night as Scott was working on a front lawn project, my neighbors David and Melanie walked over to say hi. Their daughter, Sierra, and I share a very special day together – our birthdays. David is a nurse/teacher at St. Luke’s Hospital (explaining why the two bandages on Sierra’s forehead were “surgical” and not your typical Band-Aid brand!) and Melanie is a photographer at Hallmark. Standing there with my little Canon, we discussed her photography studio downstairs in their house and she was kind enough to say that my camera was a “good point and shoot”. I told her of my dream of owning a Canon 20D and she shared her dream camera specifications as well. David and Melanie have traveled overseas, are scuba divers and have taken many breath-taking pictures. I’m quite sure, however, that their favorite subject nowadays was probably standing right in front of me.

As we talked (David’s parents were standing with us as well), I took some random shots of my birthday-sharing neighbor friend. That “faraway look” in her eyes was her fascination with Scott’s chainsaw in the background!! đŸ™‚


One thought on “meet my neighbor, Sierra…

  1. OK. You totally just melted my heart! Did I ever mention we have the BEST luck with finding great neighbors- so glad you are one of them.

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