Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang….I love you.

Driving home on I-70, Friday night, I received a call from Harriet:

“Hey. My parents have season tickets to Starlight but they’ll be out of town this weekend. You wanna go with me?”


So on the most PERFECT Sunday evening in July (unbelievably cool evening in KC!), Harriet and I met before the show at the VIP tent and had dinner (also a part of their season tickets) and a great conversation – sitting outside.


Starlight Theater is every bit a part of my childhood as Royals games and Worlds of Fun! It conjures up very happy memories and a great deal of pride in my hometown of KC.


Thanks, Harriet the Spy! It was an enchanted evening of recyclable corn cups, lighted flip flops, kettle corn, flying cars, Dippin Dots, and even the discovery that a beloved children’s movie might just be an undercover porn operation in disguise!!


Thanks for thinking of me! I had a fabulous time!!!!!!



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