Don’t fence me in! Oh wait….please do!

As with many homes of this time period in the Midwest, SOMEONE thought these garages would be a good idea. ugh! It is the bane of my new home existence. I hate it! A total eyesore and something I will NEVER use! Can you imagine backing out of this garage on a snowy 20-below winter’s day?! – a steep driveway covered in ice!! WHO THOUGHT OF THIS?!


And how about the child safety rules of these plummeting side rock walls?! I wonder how many sweet toddlers were running around in their yards and fell over the edge of these types of walls onto the concrete below?! Makes me shudder.

But it’s in the front of the house! There is no way around it. It’s there.

Hannah and I suggested we fill it in with water and create a swimming pool with a wading area at one end and then a 9 foot drop at the other end…..possibly a diving board. We thought it would be cool to look through the garage doors downstairs and see people swimming outside under water. Dolphins were also considered…

Then, we thought maybe a reflecting pool! With a replica Washington Monument at the driveway end…

No one was taking us up on our ideas, however.

Walking in the neighborhood one morning I ran across this fence, lined with wildflowers. It looked unplanned and like something you would just run across out in the country somewhere.

IMG00084 (1)

Thus began the Fence Project.

Purpose: to avert the eyes UPWARD, and not down to the ugliness below.

Scott got to use his auger and shovel and throw dirt for two days. He was The Man in the neighborhood for a few afternoons as neighbors gathered and men asked about the power level as their eyes glazed over in delight.

You have to use your imagination. Imagine the fencing weathered and darkened. Imagine the many wildflowers that will line its base next year. Imagine ivy and vines trailing over the edges of the rock walls – phlox in the Spring. Imagine all the weeds gone. Imagine the fun I will have with it in the Fall. Imagine it matured and settled……

I’m still a little sad about the dolphins jumping through hoops as I stood on a tall platform at the top, however.

Maybe next year…..



One thought on “Don’t fence me in! Oh wait….please do!

  1. This fall will help weather the fence nicely. Good choice of flowers and plants too!! I forsee the fall including a bail of hay and some pumpkins by the fence. This was definately a great idea.

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