She was THAT teacher….

I had the most exciting news yesterday: My absolute favorite teacher in junior high AND high school, Mrs. Robertson, was trying to locate me.

I was BEYOND thrilled!!!

My friend, Angela, ran into her at the store recently and they were discussing people they have seen since high school. Angela mentioned me – showing Mrs. R a picture of me on her phone and gave her my email address.

Angela and I exchanged some emails about our shared admiration for Mrs. R. and I told Angela how excited I was to hear from her and how thrilled I was that she remembered me. Angela’s reply: “to be honest with you, Greta, for one split second I was sooooooooo freakin jealous of you. She was more interested in talking to you than me.” -ha!!!

I pretty much stalked Mrs. R in high school. I stayed after school to talk to her in her classroom as she wrapped up her day. She always patiently engaged me in conversation. We talked a lot about Life. I soaked up her words. She was THAT teacher….the one that you always remember and always wish to know where she is and what she’s doing now. I think she would probably remember one thing about me: She taught the childbirth classes. She showed the HORROR films of childbirth. And I loudly and without question proclaimed to her that I would never, EVER, be having children!!!! She wrote in my yearbook that she hoped I would change my mind. Years later I ran into her and she asked me if I, indeed, had changed my stance.

Baird and Hannah narrowly made it into this world! 🙂

Mrs. R and I have exchanged a few emails since yesterday. How does one possibly answer the “what have you been doing since high school” question?!

My last email to her included the following description of who/what I am. It is interesting to stop and answer that question occasionally to find out how far you’ve come – and how very, very little you have ever truly changed.


My life in a nutshell…….

I am all the wrong combinations:
a detail-organized creative artist
an overweight environmentalist
a fun-loving free spirit that obsessively plans ahead
a liberal-minded Christian
an introverted people person
an embittered broken heart that still believes in fairy tale endings
a short-haired, graying, usually no make-up heterosexual
a fiercely independent thinker that rarely knows the answer to “So what would you like to do for dinner tonight?”
a feminist that holds strong traditional values regarding relationships
a suburbanite with an inner-city heart
a closed-off loner that will blog her most intimate secrets
a societal anomaly that has a happy strand of DNA that will never be severed
a non-nurturer that would re-arrange her funeral if it would help out a friend
an authentically transparent hermit
a wanderlust spirit that lives 150 ft from where she grew up
a clean freak with a passion for the homeless
someone who proclaims, “Take me as I am or leave me alone!” yet spends hours getting ready every morning…….

Schezophrenic? possibly.
Female minded? most definitely.

….finding my way back.


2 thoughts on “She was THAT teacher….

  1. mine was Mrs Henry and I found her here on FB again and got to see her a few months back and shared some tears – I broke her heart when I dropped out of highschool but she was happy to see I graduated college and was happy and she confessed that she understood better now 15 years later why I dropped out of HS to start university

    – Kristi

  2. I always loved Mrs. R! She and my mom are friends and I had a chance to say hi at our 25 year class reunion. The teacher I admired most in high school was Mrs. Baker, our 10th grade English teacher. We listened to Rush 2112, Simon and Garfunkel and she taught us alot about poetry and symbolism using these as teaching tools. She held my attention ALWAYS! I remember she quit teaching while she was my teacher due to cancer. Jeff Wilson and I visited her in the hospital. She was an amazing teacher and I always wondered what happened to her.

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