Thank you, TEACHERS and EDUCATORS…..

Every year at this time, I feel a pang of angst….wishing I were opening up a new classroom for a new schoolyear.

It was my first love. And even still, I wonder if someday it will be a dream that is finally realized……of course I want it to be at Wellesley College, teaching the history of women in the U.S.

But that’s another story….

In the meantime, I am sending all sorts of love and patience-producing vibes to all my friends who are teachers or paras. They hold a position in society that is pivotal to its very existence, yet so rarely glorified or esteemed. Thank you for all that you do to better our present and future. Thank you for your passion for transferring information in a new and creative way.

Thank you to the many educators that have poured into the lives of my own children – leaving them desiring knowledge and to continually challenge and grow their minds.

And on that note –

Dad came over yesterday and asked me if I would print off a copy of his syllabus. He handed me his flashdrive and I plugged it into my printer. Dad retired from Education and promptly began immediately teaching again in the Metropolitan Community College system.

His syllabus was filled with his classroom expectations as well as the legal mumbo-jumbo that must now be included at the end of all college syllabi. However, let me copy and paste the very end of his syllabus. It reads as follows:

As I begin my 50th year in public education, I am reminded that education never stops. It will greatly help your grade in your class if you say to me, “50 years? You don’t look that old!”

E. Loy Williams

Congratulations, Dad. 50 years of modeling that Education is both fun and creative – and lasts a lifetime……


3 thoughts on “Thank you, TEACHERS and EDUCATORS…..

  1. That’s just awesome! I can’t even imagine all of the lives that he has touched…all of the people he has inspired. Amazing!!!

  2. I just returned home from Truman High School where there was a celebration for Leroy Brown on his 80th birthday. I was so excited to see some former students, their husbands and so many of the teachers and counselors that I taught with. I really get excited making contact with former students and I am so glad that we have made contact. I check your blog often and am excited to read about all the exciting things you are doing. Keep it up.

  3. Got carried away from the excitement of going to Leroy Brown’s 80th birthday at Truman High today. Saw many former students and teachers. Enjoy your blog.

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