Nancy Drew love

While shopping this weekend with Haleigh (more on that to come), we spent some time in an old bookstore at the Old Market shopping area.


I am always amazed in these bookstores how the employees and owners know SO MUCH about the books they have. I can’t imagine knowing THAT MUCH about anything….


The most exciting thing was, I found a Nancy Drew book! In fact, I found #1! – The Secret of the Old Clock.

But finding this book, made me think of you guys….. I want to collect all the Nancy Drew books, but I only want the kind I read as a child/pre-teen. So if ANY of you run across any (in good condition), please let me know and I will try to hunt it down.

Let me show you the kind I want:


THIS is the Nancy Drew I knew. It cracked me up (even as a child) that she always wore a dress. Girl could kick some serious butt – and she did it ALL in a skirt or dress!! 🙂

The below book spine is the only kind of Nancy Drew books I want. The new ones are yellow and blue, but with a high gloss finish on the book. And Nancy Drew is different in them. I want this kind –


I am not collecting them for any value or purpose other than sentimental. This is one of the women that greatly influenced my growing up years. Nancy Drew was someone I wanted to BE! I loved her independence and guts. I loved that she was smart AND cute (dare I say sexy?!)

In my book, Nancy Drew just rocked!


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