i love it when friends “just know”….

While shopping at the Flying Worm (uber cool thrift-type shop in Old Market), Haleigh and I were running around here and there trying things on. Toward the end of our spree, Scott came up to me with something behind his back and said, “I’m going to buy this, but first – I want to make sure you will like it. It looks like something you would love……”


Words have not yet been created for how happy I was!!!!! 🙂



I ran over to show Haleigh who was coming out of the fitting room. She was equally excited until she stopped short and said, “Wait! That’s FUR! Isn’t that like against your religion or something?!” -ha. No worries, Haleigh. It’s all fake!!!

And one of the greatest features of the coat?!!!!!…….the initials inside:




Oh Scott….you really hit the nail on the head with this discovery! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Not just for the fabulously perfect coat. Mostly, thank you for ‘knowing’………


One thought on “i love it when friends “just know”….

  1. The coat screamed from the rack…. Greta, I am here, I was made for you!!! And the rest is blog history. You look absolutely stunning in it:))))

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