thrift store nirvana….

I should wait and blog this when I have completed my project, but I just can’t help it….I have to give you a glimpse into the happiness I found last weekend……

You read before about my trip to Old Market in Omaha (coolest place ever!) On my last day, we found the greatest two vintage thrift stores!! And I found (at a FABULOUS price!!):






Haleigh helped load….



After a good cleaning, I will hinge these 3 doors together and put them in my bedroom as a sort of 1920’s dressing screen. Vintage clothing hung over them. Probably some Christmas lights. Goodness lightly tossed here and there….

OH how it makes my heart smile!!!


One thought on “thrift store nirvana….

  1. Haleigh had a great time turning her window into a mirror, with a little help from mirror spray paint and 6 good dish towels she used to clean it… well they used to be good dish towels..haha She loves it and had a blast shopping that day. Thanks for being there G.

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