BBQ’d Fun!

Best friends, great weather and bbq….could there be any better combination?!

Greg and Scott have been best friends for over 25 years. They were both on the swim team at Truman High School and have been “swimming through life” ever since. Both of them have an approach to life that is constantly seeking fun and enjoyment. The kind of spirit that gets a person through the toughest of times and makes the good times that much more enjoyable. And….makes those around them LOVE their company.

How close are they? It’s been awhile since Scott has seen Greg’s kids. So when Greg’s wife, Karen, re-introduced Scott to their teenaged daughter, she simply said, “Morgan, this is Dad’s girlfriend. This is the man that your father will leave me for someday!” -ha. It’s true; they talk on the phone every couple of days and have more inside jokes than many junior high girls ever could. And THAT is what happens when a friendship spans decades, not just seasons of life.

I have never been to a bbq contest before, so I had no idea what to expect. Here was the jist of this contest…

This was a Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned event. Meaning it was a “legit” competition with professional judges, etc.

Greg is a scout master and works with Troop 192. The troop had a booth and submitted their entries as a team. Each contestant, set up their booth on Friday night, spent the night next to their booth, then turned in their entries throughout the day on Saturday. At each half hour, beginning at noon, you submitted: 1) pork, 2) chicken, 3) ribs, 4) brisket, 5) side dish, 6) dessert.

Thing is, in order to have your meat prepared for the entry times, the scouts had to wake up every 2 hours and check the grill temperature, apply more rub, sauce, etc. These are some SERIOUS bbq’ers!

With every submission, they prepared 4 different kinds of entries. So, for example…for brisket, they had 4 briskets prepared 4 different ways. They decided as a group which one smelled and looked and tasted the best. After that, they began the visual preparation of the entry. Once their entry plate was visually appealing, they would put a portion of their brisket on the plate and take it to the judges booth. Leaving LOOOOOOOOTS of food that wasn’t being used. That’s where groupies come in. And Scott and I were certainly their groupies yesterday!!! We ate SO MUCH food it was ridulous. But it tasted so good! Hot off the grill with 9 hours of prepping and cooking time. YUM-MY!

The troop ended up taking 12th in brisket (out of 67 contestants!!) Their side dish was cheesy corn and their dessert was an apple enchilada with a sauce made out of melted red hot candies! DE.LI.CIOUS! It was fun at the awards ceremony to hear the different names of bbq teams!: Burnin’ Down the Hog, Vegetarian Nightmare, etc. The winning team was: Rubbin’ it and Lovin’ it. -ha!!

Below is a video of the day. I wish I hadn’t put the subtitles on some of the slides because it messed up Scott’s video. So please try to ignore them. I will highlight some of those pictures in another post. For now, TRY to enjoy via internet what my mouth relished in yesterday in person – 

Battle of the Brisket from scott sutherland on Vimeo.

Thank you for this incredible experience, Greg! I look forward to many more in the future!!!


2 thoughts on “BBQ’d Fun!

  1. Thank you G for knowing how important Greg is to me and capturing that day with pictures, and thanks for an amazing Saturday Greg, you as always, are da man!!!!!!

  2. It was my pleasure. There will be more contests in the future and more chances to see my guys in action. To those folks who are reading G’s blog, these are 11 – 17 year-old Scouts competing against grown men and women who compete year-round (and we placed 36th out of 60 teams “officially”).

    Scott and Gretta, thanks for coming out and eating our food. It is always fun to show off my Scouts. G, it was a pleasure meeting you and Scott, what can I say man. We are a little grayer and yet still as goofy as when we were my Scouts age.

    In closing, as the slide-show will attest to my size “Never trust a skinny cook!”

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