i tried a new recipe…

I enjoy trying new recipes, but am someone who MUST have a picture to go along with the instructions. I’m a visual person; it’s a must! Sidenote: Williams-Sonoma recipe books are my absolute FAVORITE recipe books! I continue to collect them as I run across them. One page is a beautiful picture of what you’re making, the corresponding page is the actual recipe. It is the PERFECT way to cook as far as I am concerned.

But this recipe I found in a magazine (Traditional Home, I think.) It’s called Virginia Ham-Stuffed Beef Tenderloin.

Basically you take a beef tenderloin, cut it almost in half, fold it open and beat it flat. Line it with spinach leaves then it is filled with onion, diced ham, and cooked lean sausage. Roll it up. Tie it and bake it.

I can imagine a lot of different variations on this recipe, but it was really delicious! Scott and I had fun making it together. And devouring it together too!! -ha.




The finished product –


We ended up having to cook it a little longer, but this will give you the general idea of how it looked –



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