everyone has a guardian angel…

…mine just happens to be about 5′ tall and full of fight.


Angela and I went to high school together but only became friends a couple of years ago. She is most definitely my protector. If I ever need someone “offed”, I would call Angela. I will never forget her (did I mention she’s like 5’…which she will correct me by a few inches, but basically…she’s 5′!) telling 6’3″ Scott that if he ever hurt me she’d kill him. We all laughed; but there is always that possibility that she might be serious. (Plus, she works for a huge Kansas City law firm so she could get off with no charges!)

She is not the kind of friend that will say, “I’m here if you need me.” She’s the friend that says, “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” And she’s done that before: driven to Columbia just to have lunch and let me talk.

Early this week she texted and said she wanted to have dinner this week sometime. Her treat. I hesitated; she insisted.

So last night we went to The Square and had a delicious Italian meal at Cafe’ Verona. We just talked; nothing deep necessarily. She listened. And we talked about people and teachers we remembered from high school. It was a really nice evening to get away for a few hours and sit back and relax.

Thank you, Angela, from the bottom of my heart…


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