October 29, 200(8)

This was my post, one year ago today….

50 People. One Question.

I saw this video on my dear friend Tiffany’s blog  and absolutely loved the idea of it. Answers can be prophetic, deep, superficial, thoughtful, mindless…. it doesn’t matter.

I’m wondering, what would your answer be to this One Question?

I think mine would be:
I wish to lie down at night next to the man I love, holding hands in the dark and discussing the course of the day. A day that consisted of peace transforming our world, homelessness being eradicated, and harmony being the common thread and vernacular throughout our world’s population.

And then wondering and brainstorming together what it was we were going to tackle tomorrow…

Saying our goodnights…
Then drifting off to sleep; lulled by the rhythm of his breathing…

That would be my answer to the end of a perfectly wished-for day.

Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.


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