It all started with an 8:30am phonecall…

“Hi, Dad. I’m back home.”

I went to Iowa this weekend – left on Friday and got back late Monday evening.

Dad and I chatted about what’s been going on. I asked him if he wanted to go see “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, the musical at Olathe South, this afternoon with me. We made plans to go see Mom beforehand. Etc…

Nearing the end of the conversation he said, “Know what’s been my salvation this week?”
(I waited…)
“Gilmore Girls.”

Remember when I declared last Tuesday Gilmore Girls Night (affectionately called ‘Gg Night’)? Hannah and I decided to get Dad hooked on the tv series, Gilmore Girls, which ran for like 8 seasons and is something we began watching the old re-runs for last year. We were immediately hooked. Then we started Scott and Haleigh on the series a couple of weeks ago. Then last Tuesday, we convinced Dad to give it a try. We hung up Christmas lights around his den and drank ‘coffee’ out of special Gg Night mugs.

Dad continued telling me the story (as only he knows how to humorously set up a story…most of it lost in my blogging translation…) I asked him how many CD’s he watched… “I watched the entire first season!”

I started laughing…
(I left Season One’s box over at his house. 6 disks. 4 hour-long tv shows on each disk.)
I quickly reminded him that his statement “Know what my salvation was this week, was in all actuality only a WEEKEND that I was gone! He watched an entire season in ONE WEEKEND!

Max and the daisies…
Dean and Rory got back together…
Rachel came back to town…

He knew them all. Had bonded with the characters and their sorted life events.

This man was hooked.
(as is Scott; I’m sure they will commiserate together over the varying aspects of Stars Hollow)

“However”, he paused “disk 5 was missing from the box you left.”

“Oh no!”, I remembered “I have it over here!”

He calmly and evenly corrected me. “No, no, no. I got to disk 5 and noticed it was missing. So in a moment of desperation I came over to your house. Unlocked the front door. Went upstairs. Couldn’t figure out how to open your stupid DVD player. Pryed it open and found disk 5.”

“I’ve seen them all now. Ready for Season Two.”

I explained to him that I had Season Two, but that the first CD was missing somewhere at Larry’s place, in Hannah’s room.

His calm report quickly left him, “What?! We’re going over there TODAY! Let me at her room, I’ll find it!!!!”

If you know Dad, you know that he’s embellishing the story wildly at this point and I’m laughing hysterically on the other end of the phone.

I then ventured into the bad news…

I told him about Ryann (also a Gg Addict) and how one of her roomates owned all of the seasons. Ryann’s been watching them and was going to let me borrow them and watch them too. HOWEVER, I explained to Dad, Ryann informed me last week that her roomate moved out and took all of her Gilmore Girls collection with her!

To which Dad had only one question, laced in the most sinister tone –

“Where did she move…?”


4 thoughts on “It all started with an 8:30am phonecall…

  1. He is so funny!! I was dying while I read it… I could just see him upstairs, breaking into the dvd player like a junkie trying to score a fix!!:) LOL!!!

  2. that man has wit!! haha and actually she said I could borrow them… which I might have to do with heroe’s. but we still have to make scott track down the sixth season! it’s the only one i’m missing! and the first.

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