yeah; he even does THAT…

Hey Ryann – you know how you always say, “Scott can do ANYTHING!” ?! Yeah well, add this to your list…

I have hesitated to blog this because I know that some of his buddies read my blog and I do NOT want to mess up my “hook-up” by revealing it and then risking them (achem…Phelps!, Greg!, Brent!…) making fun of him. He has not switched teams and let’s face it, every girl loves a little mangina in her man. Nothing speaks to me louder than a thoughtful, creative heart! And a man confident enough to pull off a softer side… good stuff, I tell you!

That said,

It started when I bought some luscious fleece material that was on sale. I traced my favorite skirt onto some brown kraft paper and cut it out.

I gave the pattern and the material to Scott…

His mom was a Home Ec teacher and his dad can build anything. This makes for a VERY well-rounded son! And yes, sewing is one of his talents!!!

I could live in a skirt 24/7 and be perfectly happy. I have been on a search for “that perfect skirt pattern” that I could replicate a million times with a million different materials and textures: spring, summer, winter…same pattern, different skirts. (some of you out there know what I’m talking about. Tiffany, can I get an ‘amen’?!)

So you’re waiting for a picture of the skirt, right? Okay – it’s not made yet. It’s cut out and ready to be sewn (if the stupid railroad would leave him alone long enough for him to sew!) But with the extra material, he decided to make me a scarf.

It’s sooooooooooooo soft around my neck!!!!!

He called his mom and talked to her about it, wondering what to do at the end. She got all excited, saying, “Go down to that Hancock right by your house and buy some fringe…Oh!, she’s just going to love it!!”

You’re right, Joanne! I LOVE it!!! And now……I will (im)patiently wait for the skirt.

Thanks, babe!!!


3 thoughts on “yeah; he even does THAT…

  1. greta, your creativity is becomming quite the comfort to me : ) also, scott is ridiculous haha truly, there is no challenge too great for him. in fact, it makes me want to think of obscure things to challenge him with just to find the weakness! alllssooo, the video you posted of norah jones caused my respect for her to blossom all over again.

    – ryann

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