For Good…

Many people are taking the month (or week) of Thanksgiving to post the things for which they are thankful. Making a bit of a tweak to that, I wanted to take this week and thank some specific people. People that keep showing up in my life – and making me a better person because of their presence in my world.

Because I desperately wanted to go to Wicked this month, I’m going to use this beautiful song as the foundation for my gratitude…

I’d like to start in the most unusual place…with Larry.

What’s the trite phrase?: We’ve been through ups and downs together. (Are you laughing like I am at that statement?) I think we’ve finally landed on a relationship that has always worked best for us – friendship. We still disagree. We still drive each other nuts. But we also share 20+ years of life, and during that time – you have certainly made my life better.

I learned to delve deeply into thought, and then express it thoroughly and openly…

I learned what a deeper relationship with Christ can mean…

I laughed at stupid jokes (okay, well, I grunted a little at them) and I even watched a few Westerns along the way.

I learned the all-important terms of ‘fourth down’, ‘safety’, ‘behind the line of scrimmage’, and permanently learned once and for all that not ALL linemen are imbeciles.

You allowed me to grow, even at the detriment of our own marriage. You talked me through dark times that even now I do not want to think back on. Times that are forever sealed in a vault of unnecessary memories.

I am grateful for the day we crooned into each other’s lives. Thankful for the friend that I gained in the process. And feel unbelievably blessed by the man who fathered two incredible children.

Thank you, Larry. You changed me for the better.


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