Thanksgiving 2009

It seems we take basically the same pictures every Thanksgiving. So this year, I determined to see the day in a new way…

This yellow Pyrex bowl is something my mother always remembered about her childhood. Her mother always made cornbread dressing in this yellow bowl. So mother found two for me and my sister. I always think about Mom Mom and my mother when I use this bowl…

Larry brought Hello Kitty packets for Lauren and Jacqueline. Pencils, gel pens, backpack chains, etc. I was terribly jealous and tried to steal a pen from Lauren. She’s just too quick, that one…

All of my life my mother has collected this depression glass, American Sweetheart. It is so delicate and pink and lovely…


Mom Mom’s corner cabinet that now resides in my parent’s home

Dad = piano

The morning sunshine shining through on my bedroom always makes me smile. I am very thankful for the memories that this home already holds for me. It was nice, during the day, to see family members walking back and forth between my house and Mom and Dad’s. Many times, Hannah and the girls went over to hang out at my house rather than hang out with the adults across the street – complete with music turned way up loud!

Vintage Baird! He cannot ever squelch an emerging smirk! -ha.

Jacqueline –

Lauren –

Sterling was never still enough for me to snap his picture –

Baird –

This is just WRONG; on so many different levels…
It seems to be our tendency that the more something is difficult (ie: Mom not being with us at home this Thanksgiving), the more we laugh and ‘make fun of it’ (ie: the following sarcastic pictures.)

We needed one more chair at the table. And since poor Lauren is the youngest person, we stuck her on an end of the table and Dad said, “Wait; I have a chair she could use.” and off he went to get a chair. None of us really paid any attention to what chair he got for her and went on talking and eating, etc. However, later on we noticed that a SHOWER CHAIR FOR “OLD PEOPLE” was sitting in the MIDDLE of the living room!!! ICK! That was the ‘chair’ that Dad went to get and that Lauren sat on during the whole dinner.

We were mortified.

Until our snide genes kicked in.

We decided the chair could fit in just fine…..IF, we ‘sexed it up’ some. Made it a little more attractive through some selective posing…

So wrong.

But even though it was a different Thanksgiving than years past, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone!!! Complete, with leftovers all around –

It was a beautiful day…


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2009

  1. It looks like everyone enjoyed a festive Thanksgiving! I am so glad you all were able to get together for the holiday. Good food and good friends make for a great time.. I am still trying to figure out the shower chair thing you had going on:)

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