I have a topless tree…

Scott and I looked for Christmas tree toppers in a few stores, but can’t quite find what we wanted (and can I just say to all you men out there that I adore the fact that I can pick something up in the store – in this case a tree topper – and genuinely ask Scott’s opinion and he will actually GIVE ME his opinion!! “I’m not crazy about that one.” And I ask (out of genuine curiosity and learning about his tastes), “Why?” And he then points out to me the things he doesn’t like about it. THIS IS A GOOD THING!!! Some women really DO want to know your opinion. I know the difference between when I’m 100% sold on something and nothing will dissuade me and when I really do want another opinion and will ASK for it.)

Wow, did I ever get sidetracked. Back to being topless…

I’m searching online now. Etsy, to be exact (shame on me for not going there first.) I will let you know if we find something we like.

Meanwhile, here’s the beginning of the Christmas process:

Favorite new ornament: frosted white


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