love is all around…

If you followed my previous blog, you will remember this layout.

I am amazed today at how much I was influenced by the women on tv when I was a kid. This is both scary and…intriguing. What message are we sending to girls today? How will it affect our society in 20 years? I don’t really know the answer to that or whether it’s good or bad. There are some really great examples out there. There are many that are clearly not.

I loved Samantha. She was so smart, and daring, and inquisitive, and sexy, AND completely committed to “Darwood!”

And Emily, Bob (Newhart) Hartley’s wife. I ADORED her raspy, sexy voice. Plus she was strong and independent and looked HOT in a 60’s dress or plaid pjs!

But no one kept my young g attention like Mary. Wow. So independent. A hard-working female that rocked a pantsuit, had close friends, walked everywhere or took a cab, dated awkwardly, and held tightly to her somewhat neurotic, yet endearing personality. I hoped that it was really possible to be an upwardly mobile female that could also stay true to herself. She expressed her vulnerability and people flocked to her all the more. A bit of a self-effacing attitude mixed with an inner knowledge of what she knew she did well. A great fictional character that still stirs in my soul occasionally.

Just ask my kids, I can break out in this song – word for word – on a moment’s notice!!

No purpose to this post. Just dropping in with a little MTM love… ❤


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