The people who got ripped off. For Good…

Ugh; this nasty cold is horrendous. It totally threw off my For Good thanksgivings for the week of Thanksgiving. Here are the people that would have been…

Thursday – Mom and Dad.
How does one go about thanking their parents for making their life better when in all reality, they just plain ol’ MADE YOUR LIFE.

That said, my parents instilled in me some pretty fundamental things that make up the person I am today:
* a love for God
* a love for music
* an appreciation for surrounding yourself at home with things that you love
* a loyalty to family
* a sense of humor
* proper grammar -ha
* organization
* decorating/presentation
* standing proudly and knowing when you’ve done something well

In the last few years, Dad has shown an amazing amount of loyalty to Mom. She is not always easy… But he has stepped up and been a man…a husband. He has steadfastly done whatever needed to be done.

And Mom, in return, has softened at times to the point of saying things she rarely would have said in her youth. She’s shown a vulnerability that she previously would not have let eek through.

Mom and Dad have molded and shaped me in a world that didn’t always favor creativity or girls. I thank God for His discernment in giving me that particular home in which to be raised.

Friday – Baird.
A first-born holds a unique place in a family. All the wrong parenting was first inflicted on him. All the settling down was done while he was young. He moved a zillion times and in many ways had a very different school experience than did Hannah.

I couldn’t be prouder of the man he has become.

He is intelligent and possesses a wicked sense of humor. I “get” Baird. I recognize all of his weaknesses and a few of his strengths. It’s funny…sitting across the table from teacher after teacher after teacher and hearing them say basically the same thing about your child year after year. Thing is, you realize intensely exactly WHERE he got those things (good and bad!)

As a first-born child myself, we have had more than a few stubborn encounters. But I wouldn’t trade them for the world. He walked with me through some challenging days. He, like none other, could.

Time after time after time, we sat across from each other at the dining room table and talked about any and everything. Those are the days that I cherish. Today, he is a man I proudly stand behind, jumping up and down, pointing dramatically and screaming to the world, “That’s MY son!!!!” I can’t wait to see what he does with the natural resources he’s been given + the hard work he’s currently going through to enrich them. He is a gifted, talented, thoughtful writer. None of us has read the Great American Novel yet. It’s still to be written…

I’ve said it a million times before, Baird. But in all reality, you did more of the raising of me than I think I did you. You, most certainly, have made my life better.

Saturday – Monica.
This was a tough one. (and an easy one at the same time) There are many friends who have been faithful to me throughout the past. And many friends who have TRIED to keep in touch with me currently.

But the thing is, I’m not a very easy person with which to be friends…

It was difficult to point out just one friend because it’s so unfair to those that repeatedly try.
But it was easy to thank Monica, because she’s such a remarkable person.

Sometimes I think she is my mirror image. Not always (aka: Serenity Prayer). But 99% of the time, she’s the one that I think, “I need to tell Monica this; she’d understand.” My day isn’t complete unless I’ve heard from Monica. And when life gets in the way of our communications, I feel the void.

Monica is much stronger than she will ever realize. She is a single mother that parents insightfully. She oozes soul and goodness. Her openness is endearing to me and her willingness to admit defeat is only added proof of her immense inner strength.

Her heart longs for God’s direction. Her future is always in His hands.

I had a friend tell me once (someone who should also be listed here…), “You’ll know when you’ve found the right guy when he keeps showing up on your doorstep.” I think the same thing goes for friendship. Monica is ALWAYS there. Our life situations at the moment don’t always allow for us to be physically hanging out. But when we do, it’s non-stop talk and the unique feeling of knowing someone is solely on your side.

Thank you for taking my side, Monica. And thank you for the times that you supported me even when you disagreed with me. I read recently about a woman who said about her dear friend, “I never count my fat rolls when I’m around her.” When I read that I thought of you. Some people I am immensely aware of my inadequacies. With you, I know I am completely accepted.

I wish you realized what a rare gift that is that you offer to those around you. The line in the song that stood out to me and yelled, “Monica!” is toward the beginning: “We are led to people who help us most to grow…” Thank you for always willingly sharing in the growth process with me.

You are my hero…
My friend…
My soul.

Sunday – Scott.
The person on this list that I’ve truly known the shortest amount of time. And yet someone who more than any other, entered my life at its lowest spot. Sure, the others have CERTAINLY seen some low times with me. But they didn’t “enter stage left” and head straight into disaster. I forewarned you EARLY ON that you “didn’t want my baggage!” You calmly said, “Just let me carry the bags with you.” You have done no less. I’ve given you a million reasons to run. But just like you do everything else, you keep straight and steady…walking along in front of me, heading things off before they get a chance to touch me.

I have struggled with how to try to articulate my gratitude toward you. Our relationship is beyond words. Beyond description.

I don’t know what we would have been like should we have hooked up in junior high. What I do know for certain, is that we were meant to meet now. At THIS age. You bring out in me parts that have never been touched; yet things that seem so natural and right. You allow me to be totally and completely, me. Through you, I have developed a greater understanding of what God’s unconditional love must be like. I can’t believe that it is actually MORE than yours for me. I am mostly grateful that God has allowed me to see a glimpse of Him, through you.

I have needed your strength…
Your romance…
Your tenderness…
Your caring…
Your attention…
Your understanding…
Your confidence…
Your steadiness…
Your light-heartedness…

Your love.

You met me in a “dark alley” of my life.
And you’ve shone more light on my life than I could ever imagine possible.

My heart is full of things that I want to say; but can’t wrap words around them. However, I think you know.

I am inextricably changed for the better….


2 thoughts on “The people who got ripped off. For Good…

  1. It has been an interesting year, hasn’t it, but I would not change a thing. I can say this without reservation, walking hand in hand through life with you at my side has taught me what true love is. Pure joy, happiness and love… You bring out the best in me, in US and we feed eachother’s souls. I still believe that we were the same soul, separated when we came into this world, and finally have been reunited. You complete me in so many ways. We feed off eachothers strengths, and are there to support eachothers weaknesses. You inspire me, give selflessly, support me, understand me. You know what I am thinking, even before I can say a word. We laugh together, and cry together, and I truly know what it means to say that I couldn’t live without you. You are my world and I love you. And as you said, there are not enough words to truly describe what you really mean to me. Thank you for sharing your love, and your life with me…. ILYSM

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