love, love, LOVE finding new vintage shops!

Saturday morning, Scott and I went to Good JuJu, a FAB.U.LOUS vintage thrift store that’s only open the first weekend of every month. Thanks to my friends Kevin and Allison, I know where I will be the first weekend of EVERY month from now on!! Allison was the featured artist this month.

Here are the things that I absolutely HAD to have:

1. Good JuJu is in the West Bottoms in downtown KC. Fabulous photo shoot possibilities -ha

2. A baby planter…I loved the colors!

3. Colonial lampstands. I’m a sucker for soft, pastel pink…(and Scott said the wiring was really good)

4. Also a sucker for a vintage pillow…

…especially when velveteen is involved!

After Good JuJu, we ate lunch at Cascone’s in the River Market, then drove to one of my happiest places on earth – Curious Sofa. Followed by a quick visit to Better Cheddar to buy my absolute FAVORITE jam that is total and complete self-indulgence at over $8 a tiny jar.

It was a beautiful, fun, relaxing day. Doing really nothing productive. Which was just the point.


2 thoughts on “love, love, LOVE finding new vintage shops!

  1. Awesome! Take me sometime. 🙂 Funny you mention photo shoots down there. I have to practically BEG my clients for me to take them down there. It is the COOLEST…

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