stupid dip

I’m sorry for the really bad pictures, but this is truly one of the simpliest (and most enjoyed) dips that you can make. It is always my go-to “bring a snack to share” thing.

I worked at an insurance brokerage YEARS ago and we had some sort of potluck buffet to celebrate something… One of my colleagues brought this dip and called it ‘Stupid Dip’. She said she gave the recipe to her daughter-in-law one time and her DIL said it was so simple to make it should be called ‘Stupid Dip’. So her family has forever called it that. As has mine.

Well, until we lived in Delaware:
One of the girls in our youth group, Kim Killen, was someone I strongly identified with. She was always willing to be the brunt of any joke. She had a healthy ability to laugh at herself. Another of the teens commented on my ‘Stupid Dip’ and said it was the same thing as calling it ‘Kim Dip’. And thus, that name has stuck.

Kim Dip:
* a layer of bean dip
* a layer of cream cheese
* optional layer of guacamole (I didn’t have any on hand in this picture)
* a layer of picante sauce (in this case, homemade from Joanne’s garden)
* a layer of finely shredded cheese
* a layer of olives…obviously, some of us like olives (Scott). Some of us don’t (me!)

I recently took this to a family get-together. It’s so easy. Just serve it with tortilla chips and you’re good to go. I have also been known to make it at the party so it doesn’t spill over the edges of the plate (make sure your picante sauce isn’t too juicy…)

Thought you might need a quick recipe for the various work and personal holiday parties you’ll be attending –


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