a BEAUTIFUL Iowa snow…

Scott and I drove to Iowa on Sunday evening and have been snowed in ever since! It’s been gorgeous!! On the drive down I asked Scott how the schools usually were about cancelling school. “Oh, they’re pretty tough; Iowa’s used to snowy weather.”

But the weather predictions were fierce on Monday evening…10″ overnight.
They called school off on Monday evening before it had even really begun to snow heavily. (which is when I decided I wanted to adopt a cat…always great with the timing!)

It snowed Monday evening and all day on Tuesday. Scott and I got out on Tuesday afternoon to make an “emergency run” to the grocery store for Rotel, Velveeta, tortilla chips, chocolate chip cookie dough, stuff for S’mores, and of course – POP! Haleigh, Scott and I have watched movies, episodes of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond. I’ve worked, crocheted, and we’ve all played with the cats. Phase 10 and Apples to Apples are coming today!!! I love a good competition! (er….I mean, game.)

Tuesday afternoon, out the back door –

Wednesday morning –


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