The only thing worse than a parent with a new baby to photograph, or a grandparent with a new grandbaby…is a new pet owner.

Bear with me. I will tire of this soon…



Portia wasn’t too sure about Haleigh’s kitten, Olive…

Riding in the backseat from Iowa to Kc

Am I crazy (your answer is irrelevant…) or are the spots on Portia’s back sort of like a smiley face?? Do you see it?…big tan eyes, small tan nose, big black smile……right? I guess the spots up above the smiley face would be some kind of bad toupee’ or something. :-/

Her favorite spot so far in the house…on the back of the couch

I love her pink nose and lips. (yeah; I’m a dork…)

I knew she’d like these low, big windows!!!

clown smiley face. I’m convinced of it…


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