On a snowy, sunny, cold December afternoon, this YouTube video crossed my desk. I clicked on the link, immediately hit pause, finished the dishes, talked on the phone, returned some work emails, made some leftover lunch, sat down with a glass of tea, my reheated lunch, and pressed ‘Play’.

Words on friendship bring me immediately to tears. I have been so, so blessed in my life. Many wonderful men and women have, for some crazy reason, paused awhile and shared life with me. To name them would be futile for I would surely forget many names. But the experiences…the experiences with each one are etched permanently in my heart.

It remains one of the wonders of my world that people come and go throughout the chapters of my life. As with other gifts from God, I don’t understand how I could possibly be so blessed by their presence. I don’t get it. I don’t know what draws them into my life or what keeps them there, any more than I understand what releases them to move on to other things. All I know, is that during the time that our lives are intertwined, I am continually in awe and honored beyond words.

Just this morning as I was preparing my 2010 calendar on my computer, I ran across something that shocked me back into a moment of contemplation about how different my life is now than it was one year or mostly, two years ago. My mind immediately reached out and gathered in tightly the names and faces that have helped me walk this leg of my journey. They deserve medals, crowned jewels, …stiff drinks. They told me I would be here someday. They reassured me and believe it when I thought they were pacifying me with platitudinal promises. But they knew.

To all the wonderful friends who have helped me to transcend, you will never ever be forgotten.

You have my deepest and heartfelt…HEART FELT…thanks.

I love you. Deeply.


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