A Birthday Surprise…

It’s been months now in the planning, but I actually pulled off a surprise birthday party for Scott. He has the distinct birth date of December 31. So with the help of a couple of his closest friends, we gathered together 29 people at his parents house and rang in the new year for everyone, and in particular Scott’s 45th year.

Scott and I went out for dinner – as his friends gathered just a few miles down the highway.

Scott was completely surprised. He suspected nothing! It was a wonderful evening of relaxing and LOTS of eating and laughing and poking fun of each other!

Scott and I were both touched that Monica and her girls made the long drive to wish him Happy Birthday…

I always enjoy being around Blakely and Ally. So when they asked to have their picture taken with me…it made my night!!

The Boys: Chad Preator, Scott Phelps, Mark Sutherland, Scott Sutherland, and Greg Anderson…

Scott’s dad, Larry, lit the birthday cake (German Chocolate Cake, made by Scott’s mother, Joanne) with a BLOW TORCH!

A good sign that all of Scott’s wishes will come true…he blew out every single candle in one breath!

Two of Scott’s friends, Greg and Scott Phelps, have been giving him SUCH a hard time about all of the…’domestic’…things he’s been doing for me. Scott has taken it all in good humor and fun. Scott Phelps and his wife, Jessica, gave Scott a gift card to Joanne Fabrics and wrote on the envelope: Your Replacement Mancard

The Scotts…

We were both blown away by the turn out and the true sincerity of friendship that was displayed throughout the evening (even during a competitive game of Apples to Apples.) We rang in the New Year, surrounded by the love of family and dear friends.

Thank you… What a beautiful way to enter into the new year!!


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