one thought leads to another thought which leads to another thought…

Two things happened yesterday that collided in my brain:

I’ve been “itching” to create lately. It’s been too long and my psyche just MUST do something creative with some regularity or I feel all frustrated and “pent up” inside.

1) Tiffany texted me on Saturday and said she was spending the day creating. This made me very happy for her and very JEALOUS for me. But yesterday I received one of the outcomes of her creativity, a hand-made card. That stirred the creative juices inside just a bit more.

2) Kristi posted some pictures around her house and in one of the pictures was a card that I sent her a few months back. She said that when she see it, she thinks of me and prays for me. Great idea! And that sparked an onslaught of ideas…

Having worked with missionaries in my past, I thought about the “prayer cards” they used to create with their names and pictures and “stats” on them. The idea was to hand these out at various churches so that the church would pray for them (and support them financially as well.)

And that sparked some more creative thinking…

If you know me much at all, you know I have a fascination for letters. Initials to be exact. Love, love, love them!!

So I decided to create a “deck of cards” that would serve as prayer reminders to me for people in my life.

In particular yesterday, I was thinking about the 4 people that I started with: Vicky (whose birthday was yesterday), Kristi (who inspired the chain of creativity), Tiffany (who is always my launching pad of creativity) and Scott.

I put the cards on a metal ring. In the future, as people come to my mind to pray for, the contents of the metal ring will grow.

Vicky, I have a feeling I will be praying for you often…I like the color combinations of your card! 🙂

I tried to make each card reflective of their personality. Tiffany gets the owls (and the ribbon!)

Kristi’s had to have words and some bling!!

On the back of each card I wrote something about the person…

And this morning, one of the prayer requests for Scott was answered. So how cool is THAT?!!!

Now. Where do I need to send the ‘g’ cards for everyone….


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