I think we all are in a constant search for that perfect storage solution. I have luckily found some pretty good ways to store most of my art supplies (which is particularly challenging for me because if it’s put away in a drawer somewhere, it’s as if it doesn’t exist!)

But my supply of patterned paper is always a source of contention with me. However, I think I’ve finally found a workable solution for me; so I thought I’d share it with anyone else out there that might also have trouble with how and what to do with their paper supply.

I have my paper grouped into categories that I would understand; primarily in groups of color.

Then, I’ve hung them out to dry…er, to SEE

When I am looking for say, a red patterned paper, I take down the hanger that contains my red/orange/yellow patterned papers, lay it out on a table…

and then flip through the paper to find what pattern would work best for the layout I’m working on.

So far I’ve really liked this method and it keeps all my papers in front of me and in easy grasp!


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