3-yr-old boy meets Train Conductor…

Conductor Sutherland has been sending my friend Tiffany’s 3-yr-old son, Cooper, videos and pictures from work – anything to do with trains! So a few days ago, Scott and I drove out to see Tiffany and introduce Cooper and Scott to one another.

Scott brought Coop a special head flashlight and a piece of coal from one of his coal trains.

Cooper was relatively shy until Scott pulled out the train ‘equipment’ and from that moment on, Cooper was all animation and excited talk.

He decided to put the flashlight on his bear first…

Then he thought maybe Mommy should give it a try…

Then he wanted Mommy to set up his tent so he could go INSIDE the tent and turn on the flashlight.

Then he wanted Mommy to get in with him…

Cooper’s room is filled with all sorts of cool toys! He showed us all of them. But never, EVER, did he let go of his flashlight 🙂

See Coop’s art staton? His mother, a talented artist, has given Cooper his own art supplies…

Yeah well, Cooper decided one day that his mini blinds needed to be trimmed some so he could see out his window better…

So he cut the cords to see outside! -ha. Tiffany asked him WHY he did that!!! To which Coop responded, “Because I didn’t want them there.”

Well here ya go.

Then Cooper wanted Scott to read to him. Cooper helped by holding the flashlight so Scott could see the words better!!

We left with Cooper saying to us, “You come back to MY house sometime! Or I can come over to your house and play.”

Thank you, Cooper, for a fun, FUN day. We had a blast!!


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