What was the name of that song?…”That’s what friends are for” – ?

So now, I have two dead cars. TWO! Not everyone can proudly tout that stunning statistic. 🙂 But I do.

Both dead.

In Scott’s pitbull ways, he refused to believe they were truly dead until he could personally get under the hood and prove to himself that they were truly, authentically, no-turning-back..d.e.a.d.

We had one car at home, which Scott has done extensive work on – and had determined it was now beyond his repair.

But how to get a 2nd dead car from Olathe to Independence?

I texted Teresa: “Did you say you had a way to tow a car?”

Next thing I knew, Teresa and her husband, Rick, were parked in front of our house, Scott and I were crawling in the backseat of their SUV and we were making the trek across the city with a car dolly hooked up and following behind.


Rick and Scott dug out the car from the snow piles, hooked it up, made a few adjustments and then, back in the car we were all headed back home.

Now really?… How does one possibly say “Hey. Thanks for that”. It was huge. So fabulous! We needed help. They stepped up to help.

So that evening, while Scott and I discussed how great they were to help us out, I made another ‘prayer card’…grateful for friends who just show up.

Day Two:
Scott got up early in the morning and started working on the car.

He worked.
And worked.
And worked.

I get a text from Teresa: “How’s the car coming?”
I explained that Scott couldn’t get to one of the bolts on the starter.

Next thing I know, Scott’s talking to Rick and is then headed over to Rick’s father’s house to pick up some car jack lifts to get under the car better.

Did I mention that Rick and Scott have never met? Never met. Teresa and I have known each other since a VERY young age. But Rick and Scott and I have. never. met.

Back again, Scott worked some more.
And more.
And more and more and more……

It is now 7:45pm. 12+ hours after he first began, only to find that the 2nd car is not fixable either.

So now my life takes on the arduous task of finding and buying a new car. Oh yes, and trying to find the money in the budget to buy said car… :-/

But tonight, I’m sitting here in the awe of all of the help I’ve received the last few days and thanking God for coming up with such a cool idea as Friendship……


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