bluer than blue. whiter than white.

Running through the grocery store yesterday, I picked up what I needed, checked out, headed to the door when this beautiful plant stopped me dead in my tracks.

The white is SOOOOO white. It looks like some paper decoration I would try to make. I loved the gorgeous touch of blue in the center of their petals.

I’m not a blue person. I like the color, I just rarely gravitate to it. But this was so delicate and whispy. I felt like it would look perfect in my somewhat monochromatic living room.

I asked the florist what it was. They didn’t have the name for it, but said it was a part of the hydrangea family. Figures. I love hydrangea. (They fit with my tendency to be drawn to temperamental things that I generally end up killing before their time. But I digress…)

I need to re-pot it and hopefully it will travel well from the inside to the outside this summer.

Has anyone seen this before or have any input about it?


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