Cockrell Mercantile Company

SUCH a cool place!!

If you’re a fan of Pryde’s of Old Westport in KC, you would fully appreciate Cockrell’s. Oh my word!!!! It was like Disney World; there’s no way to see it all and appreciate it fully in just one day.

On Highway 50 somewhere between Lee’s Summit and Lone Jack, there is a mecca of kitchenware/housewares/Fiestaware/etc. Scott’s parents sent me a gift certificate there and even later found some online coupons for me to use as well (oh, Joanne. Scott refers to her as “Mrs. Feinstein”!) Anyway, I went in armed to make a serious purchase.

But instead, I made several great purchases!!

First of all, RuAnn if you’re reading this, you know those hard-to-find silver dragees thingys for cupcakes? They have them there! I am currently allowing one per cupcake. -ha. And how about this pink cuteness?

Secondly, I wanted to purchase something that I could say, “This is from the Sutherlands” and to know that they gave me the gift certificate during Mom’s funeral. So something that would represent Mom as well.

Recently I made dinner for Dad and Scott and needed a ‘cooler’ salad bowl. I wasn’t crazy about the one I have and it didn’t really go with my mis-matched china.

But this, will fit that bill just fine:

I love this kind of ‘scenery’ china.

I would hiiiiiiiighly recommend this place if you live or are ever in the KC area. It was so relaxing and energizing.

p.s. Scott’s purchase at Cockrell’s is a whole other blog post. Oh. My….!


One thought on “Cockrell Mercantile Company

  1. This is my absolute favorite place to shop!!!! I love it and could spend a boatload of money there – which is why I don’t go as often as I would like. It’s the best!

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