Council Bluffs Wild Life

Okay, sounds like a misnomer, doesn’t it? But I will never get used to the black squirrels and deer – everywhere here!

Let me give you some perspective. This is the desk where I work when I’m here in Iowa. See the rock wall? It’s a mere 15 feet from my window.

The deer wander down here all day long! Sometimes, they’ll look up at me, chewing whatever they’ve found on the ground, and we have a staring contest to see who will look away first: eye to eye contact!! Usually I laugh and lose eye contact.

I know there are many of you that look at these pictures and think about what a great shot it would be with a rifle, bow and arrow, etc. But I can’t even get over their size and beautiful fur. The white is SO white. Their eyes are so sweet. Yes, they’re a nuisance to your houseplants and gardens. But I love sitting at ground level and watching them eat and watch their worlds carefully…

I had NEVER seen a black squirrel before coming here. Now I see them every time I come – and am continually amazed!!

Pay attention to where that rock wall is – and how close they are to my window. They walk all the way down to the wall –

I couldn’t take a picture of all of them at one time, but I quickly counted 9 deer; I’m sure there was even more just over the hill.

Hoping for peaceful travels for you…


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