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So I’ve been tearing out things from magazines to potentially blog about someday, but the pile is getting away from me so I’m going to compile them all into one blog post. Here are some things I found interesting – for those of you like me that are on the internet a lot; but not necessarily program savvy.

I am an organizer junkie. I admit it. So anything that helps me streamline my life, I’m all for it. This is a personal information manager that I’m anxious to play around with some – but haven’t so far (so I can’t personally recommend it.) But try it out and let me know what you think.

word processing, spreadsheet presentation and drawing programs for free

This is a cool idea. Instead of having just one set voice mail, you can personalize your messasges with this voice mail service. Leave a message specifically for each of your friends!! You can also receive an email once you’ve received a voicemail. If your phone dies, you can still get voicemails via email.

4. plentyoffish
A free online dating site!

Have this serve scan your computer and it will hunt your hard drive for pictures and then create a visual catalog of your pictures.

Search for a certain show or actor or specific director and then watch it on hulu. All you need is broadband internet and the patience to endure some ads/commercials.

I read the following Google search tips in the January 2010 Real Simple magazine

Google Search helps:
1. a hyphen
Ex: jaguar -cars -football
You want info about jaguars the animal. Not the car or the sports team. Place a hyphen before the words you want to exclude. Be sure to type a space before the hyphen, but not after it.

2. intitle
Ex: intitle: “Frye boots”
Using the term intitle searches the words in the title. It helps you search for a product you like but not sure where you saw it. Don’t put a space after the colon and use a quotation mark around the phrase

3. quotation marks
Ex: “Bikram yoga”
Use around a phrase or a person’s name and it will eliminate a lot of unwanted links

7 things you can do directly in the Google search field:
1. perform calculations
to figure out what 15% off a $78 item, enter “78 x .15” into the search field. the answer will be the first link

2. convert measurements
Want to know how many cups equal a liter? Type “cups in a liter”. This also works to convert currency “15 dollars in euros”

3. locate packages
Enter “track” plus the tracking number for a direct link to the status page

4. look up addresses
Type in a person’s home phone number and Google will give you their mailing address

5. find movie showtimes
Type “movies” plus your city or zip code to see theaters and movie times for the next 3 days

6. listen to songs
Type the title of a song and its artist and a playable file will appear at the top of the results page

7. track flights
Find out if your flight is on time by entering your airline and flight number

AND HELLO… a long-time Netflix customer, I found this site WAY cool!!!:


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