I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for awhile now. I was well-prepared for it to be slightly biased…

Rarely..I mean RARELY do I just not finish a movie. I feel some sort of responsibility to commit until the end. Grant it, I’ve been known to fall asleep during a movie. But to electively push the ‘Stop’ button on a movie? Doesn’t happen often.

5 minutes into this movie I was disgusted. Within 30 minutes, I was done with it.

Because I’m a big supporter of George W? Uh, no.
Because I abhor stupidity.

I texted my Democrat son and my Democrat sister and said:
“I hate stupidity – be it Left or Right.”

I am willing to listen to a well laid-out argument. I might not agree with you, but I’ll listen as long as it sounds like you have a factual basis for your argument. But once I hear stupidity enter the conversation (ie: “Everyone says…” or “I have a friend who…”), then you’ve lost me.

I hate – HATE! – hearing people imply that one’s spirituality today is faulty or not authentic because of who you were previously. Hellooooooooooooooooo……that’s the whole friggin’ POINT! We are NOT who we once were BECAUSE of God’s grace and forgiveness.

As Bush bowed his head to pray in the Oval Office, the storyline cut to his fraternity days of drinking, partying and getting arrested. Oh brother! How stupid do you think I am?! Did people really buy this Oliver Stone crap?! C’mon, Stone – you’re better than schmaltzy segways, unintelligent and blatantly obvious insinuations.

Stupid movie.
Don’t see it.
I wasted a good 30 minutes the other night that could have been more productively been spent cleaning out the laundry dryer vent.

I loathe any writer and/or producer that undermines the intelligence of their audience.



2 thoughts on “W.

  1. But but but…the title cover says ” arguably the best film made”. lol and i wonder just how much they paid Harry for that quote! =) Thanks for the info on it..I will take your word for it because you seem like a wise woman. Your “cleaning out the laundry dryer vent” made me chuckle because I hate doing that little chore! Blessings~

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