for family…

I’m quite sure everyone else would be bored with these videos. But for the family members that read this blog, I’m posting these links.

The first video is a video Hannah made in junior high as a tribute to Grandmother. She’s truly…not good in it. Really. She would say this. It’s nice to see how drastically she’s changed in front of a camera and/or audience!!

Hannah’s 2006 tribute to Grandmother from scott sutherland on Vimeo.

The second video is the video that was shown during Mom’s visitation. Scott put this together from the pictures we supplied to him. Clearly it looped many times over during the visitation, but is only about 20 minutes long.

If you’re not family and are still reading this, I suppose it’s a glimpse into the family life I had growing up. ‘The Evolution of G’ -ha.
The hair, the weight, the smirky smile of an evolving Me.

Marlene Williams Memorial slide show from scott sutherland on Vimeo.



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