Happy Birthday, indeed!

Hobby Lobby
Old Market

Hello?! Could this day be any better?!

First of all, kudos Scott on the green wrapping paper –

Scott bought me Michael Buble’ s new CD – cause I really, really, REALLY love Michael Buble’!!

And I told him this story one time about how much I love sitting on those exercise balls for work. During the Obama Campaign, everyone in the campaign office had them. They were comfortable to sit on and, should one get bored, they are quite entertaining. If there’s any exercise that inadvertently happens, then sobeit.

Thing is, after the election and after I’d gone back to KC, Darryl was helping clean up the Columbia office and they were giving away all the discarded inflatable balls. Darryl got one for himself and one for me. But…he gave me the really small, short one. 😦

So…Scott bought the biggest one he could find for me! 🙂 Now I’m back in air cushion heaven once more.

Haleigh bought me a computer stand. What?!…like I’m ever on the computer! -ha. Good call, H2!

I will really use that too (I know because I stole hers the entire time I was in Iowa visiting!)

So I’m happy with my gifts.

Very thoughtful gifts.

Gifts that had clearly had some thought put into them.

Looking at the new CD with great excitement about the hours of crooning ahead of me, Scott said,

“Yeah. It’s a really good cd too. Check out all the songs on the back!…”

I won’t even describe the decibels of glee that emanated from my mouth……!!!!!

Happy Birthday INDEED!!!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, indeed!

  1. Wow!!! Looks like you had a great day. You deserve it! I hope you got my text. I know it’s not as amazing a a real card, but I wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you. Happy Birthday, G!

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