“I hate people.”

My daughter and I joke about that statement. Sometimes, it’s so very true.

I just got home from the grocery store. Driving through my neighborhood I noticed the van in front of me toss some aluminum cans in the general vacinity of my neighbor’s trashcan that was at the curb for trash day.

Of course they missed.

I honked.

They kept driving.

Instead of turning on to my street, I sped up and got close enough to the back of their car to take a picture of their license plate with my phone.

At the end of the street they slowed down to turn right. I pulled up beside them and honked again.

The passenger side “dude” got out of his car and came over toward mine. I rolled down the window.

“Think you dropped something back there”, I said indignantly.

“Well you know what?! We were aiming for the trashcan.”

(he said it as if it was genuinely okay that they ‘aimed’)

“Well you know what?! You MISSED!”

He shrugged.

“I have your license plate number,” gesturing toward the phone in my hand. “I hope it’s worth the $500 littering fine.”

“Well you can suck my dick”, he said intelligently and turned around to head back toward his car.

“No thanks!”, I said. “It’s not worth my time to try to find it.”

I drove back by the trashcan and put the cans in the trashcan.


So Mr. Dodge Caravan MO plates FC5 Z5F,
Good luck with that Karma thing!!!


9 thoughts on ““I hate people.”

  1. Hahaha!!! In the words of Oprah, “You go girl!” :o) I have to say, I don’t hate people…I just hate STUPID people.

  2. You crack me UP! Love that you followed through… I never have the courage to confront. The ‘butt’ thrower outers REALLY bug me!!!!

  3. LOL…i actually did LAUGH OUT LOUD (regarding the comment about not wasting your time finding it). this is just another reason i always find myself coming back to your blog throughout the day…because there’s never a dull moment with you Greta! =)

  4. Oh Melanie, this cracked me up! I sent it to Hannah too. She will die laughing.

    Yeah, Kim – the “stupid people” part is just implied 😉

    But there are just so many stupid people……

  5. *sigh* catching my breath. one, two, three………………..laughing so hard my side hurt. this made my day.

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