flea markets: my happy place

While I was in Omaha, Scott and I did some flea market shopping for my birthday (he’s such a good sport.)

Typically I’m looking for just a few particular things:
table linens, green depression glassware, wooden chairs, china to go with my mis-matched collection.

I’m not a big cigar box fan since they’re a little too ‘antiquey’ for me; but I liked the rich colors of these and thought I could probably repurpose them to hold some stuff around the house. I’m always a sucker for chenille, when you can find it. And…I had an absolute COW when I saw the Christmas album. I distinctly remember listening to this as a child and falling IN LOVE with Nat King Cole. It could be said that this album determined the kind of music I would prefer the rest of my life!! I remember this album and a Peggy Lee album that were my absolute favorites as a child.

Now if only I had a workable record player…


One thought on “flea markets: my happy place

  1. Oh…how fun! I haven’t gone flea marekt shopping in a long time.

    I love Nat King Cole. I have a few of his albumns too. Such a wonderfully pure voice!!!

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