There are times that I am so moved by something, that I cannot find words adequate enough to describe the experience.

Seeing Avatar was just such an experience.

Please. Please go see this movie.

I was a skeptic. My son saw it first. He felt so strongly about it that he by-passed me completely and went directly to Scott: “You MUST take my mother to see Avatar. She won’t want to go, but take her anyway. She would love this movie.”

Next was my daughter. She repeatedly told me how much I needed to see this movie. That I would love it. That I simply HAD to go see Avatar.

Again, I was a skeptic. I didn’t know if it would be a movie I would really enjoy. But trusting that both Baird and Hannah would know what I like, I went based on their recommendations and their utter belief that it was a movie that I would personally enjoy.

I can confidently say – without being overly dramatic – that it was a deeply religious experience. It changed me for the better.

See it.


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