one of the reasons i love him…

There aren’t many benefits to being married yet living 3 hours apart. But there are some.

Love notes, for one.

Scott left last week as I was headed out the door to meet Tiffany.

I opened my scrapbook bag at Archivers and found a love note tucked inside –

I paid for my iced tea at QT, and found a note tucked in my purse –

I got home that night and found one by the bed –

The next morning I opened up the microwave and found one there –

They’ve been known to turn up in the silverware drawer, the kitchen cabinet, cosmetic basket… I never know when and where they’ll be.

I love texting, and IM’ing, and Facebooking, and emailing.

But I will ALWAYS be a girl who likes the old-fashioned see-it-in-writing notes best.

And he, is the old-fashioned guy who gives me that.

Lucky, lucky me.

Just one of the MANY reasons I love him.


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