a heartfelt (if not somewhat banged up) thanks

I have much more to say about this past week. But first, some pictures of my 7 days in the hospital. I didn’t get pictures of everything (I was a bit preoccupied…) But here are some photos that range from pictures Hannah took of my ICU room (clearly they aren’t flattering pictures!) – Dad’s doodling on the dry-erase board in my room – Paula & Stacey’s hilarious gift of an ‘It’s a Girl’ planter, complete with pink rattle! – watching Obama sign the healthcare reform bill – poor Scott asleep in my bed while I sat up for a few hours – Joanne’s caramel brownies that were used to bribe the nurses – Teresa and Lisa’s tulips and coloring page – Scott Phelps’ tulips (thank you Scott for taking my Scott out of the hospital for lunch and a break!) – Tiffany’s flowers and handmade card – Scott’s “blast from the past” stuffed dog with Love’s Baby Soft perfume! -ha – Jacqueline and Lauren’s homemade cards for Auntie (thank you Craig for bringing them up to see me!) – the view I saw for 7 days from my bed – hospital food includes gravy on everything! – one of the gaJILLION things Scott ran around doing for my benefit; the least of which was tying my shoes! – Vicky’s adorable green stuffed bear (purposefully green!) – my new pill box – Joanne’s beautiful flowers – my breaking down and buying paper plates for home so I don’t have to wash dishes – the cute heart attack folders I bought in defiance of ‘old age’ to record all the things the doctors want me to record – thank you Dad for the welcome home poster and balloons when I came home from the hospital (and the food, and the visits, and, and, and…) – the flowers delivered from my wonderful co-workers – the precious Liberty Collection notecards from Melanie that she saw me Facebook about – the cards sent to the hospital from Stacey and Jodi – the visits from Kristi and Marcia and Helen and Paula and Stacey and Vance and Phelps and Teresa and Lisa and Vicky and Joanne and Larry S. and Baird, Ryann and Hannah – the mindless magazines Jenny brought up to the hospital and for sneaking me in some Jell-o chocolate pudding and making Scott leave the hospital for a few hours.

The numerous texts and Facebook messages and phonecalls from family and friends…

The team of ER staff that held my hand and told me everything was going to be okay…

The prayers that absolutely and positively held me steady through some very uncertain days. Prayers that allowed me to sleep at night.

My heart might be scarred a bit, but it is filled to the brink with love for my blessed, blessed life of friends and family.

You sustain me.

More to come later…


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