Max, the Granddog

If this is any indication of what I’ll be like when I become a grandmother, then look out blogosphere! Luckily, you won’t have to deal with that for a very long time (achem!)

In the meantime, enjoy a million pictures of my sweet, awkward Max. He’s had hip surgery and I am 99% sure that all of his joints and legs move indivdually and in no uniform matter! He’s just this big happy being from which we could all learn how to enjoy life.

1. Max has a teddy bear toy. There’s a lot of things that I wouldn’t mind coming back as. But Max’s stuffed animal? No thank you! The ear was gone within 24 hours.

2. The most important 2″ in my house was the door that divided Portia and Max. They quietly growled and hissed at each other and stared at the door intently. But never the two shall meet!!

3. The best medicine for my sore foot was a warm dog laying on my feet, sound asleep.

Thanks for coming to visit me, Max. You are one sweet dog…(next time leave your boy at home, however. I’m running out of super glue!)



One thought on “Max, the Granddog

  1. How sweet! I can’t believe he carried that bear around everywhere – you have so many pictures of the two of them! Haha I love it; so glad you got to enjoy the beast for a few days : ) I’m sure Portia is glad to have full reign of her house again.

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