broken computer. random thoughts.

I’m operating in ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ at the moment…

I can’t even tell you how frustrated I am with my computer.

That said, all the pictures on my camera have to stay there for the time being. I can’t transfer them. Not even the scrapbooking ones I did today.

So here is some random information I’ve found lately to share with you, blogosphere friends.

1. Did you know that corn gluten meal is a natural herbicide that you can use as a crabgrass preventer on your lawn? It has to be applied at the right time though; in most areas after the forsythia blooms begin to drop. Bonus: it also feeds your lawn!

2. I cannot believe that I live in a city that does NOT have curbside recycling. Since this is the month that most people think about the earth, I am writing a letter to the editor of my local newspaper. Thing is, most cities have moved beyond curbside recycling and participate in single-stream recycling. More than 8,600 cities, to be exact (as of the US Environmental Protection Agency, 2007…so I’m sure there are more now.) This is a system of combining all approved paper, plastic, glass and metal in one recycling container. See: Columbia, Missouri! This actually saves the city money and makes it much easier for people to participate (and therefore, more people do.) Does your city offer this type of recycling? Contact your local recycling, solid waste, environment, or public works department. Or join me in writing a letter to the editor… ‘Dear Independence Examiner…’

3. “A good home must be made, not bought.” Remember that sentiment as you go through your spring cleaning routine…

4. “How much is Sarah Palin worth since leaving her elected position in Alaska to work for the people? $12 million! ……How’s that selly-outy thing working for you?” – Keith Olbermann

5. I just started reading Donald Miller’s book, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”. Be prepared for upcoming references… I can honestly say that thanks to Miller and Anne Lamott a few years back, I fell in love with Christianity again.

6. I will end with this. Above all else, I am a Romantic. I am such a sucker for sweet and endearing words. Lucky for me, Scott is a master at this! So much so that last year I started a journal of sorts to record all those phrases that make my heart soar. Often times Scott works through the night while I’m sound asleep. Many times he will send messages to me on my phone throughout the night. I have gotten in the habit of grabbing my phone automatically if I wake up during the night to see if he’s sent me anything while I was sleeping. For sure, it’s the first thing I reach for in the morning.

There are so many sweet things recorded in my journal (aptly called: “A Poetic Soul”), but this one recently was one that I just had to share with all my fellow Romantics. Imagine the gooey, happy feeling in my stomach when I woke up to this:

“I so wish I could invade your dreams… And as soon as we find each other in the dream, sweetie, promise me that we will slow dance.”

In case I haven’t made it clear before – this man owns my heart.


2 thoughts on “broken computer. random thoughts.

  1. Well even if the doctor took the scrapbooking part of your heart out, at least he left the interesting, entertaining, informative writing skills you have! =) I hope you have a blessed day even though technology is causing you havoc. =( I feel your pain. xo

  2. Right there with you on #2. Sometimes I feel like I live in the most bass-ackwards city in the world. I hope your letter campaign starts the changes we need.

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