flea bites

Scott suggested we go to a local coffeeshop in Omaha one morning while I was here, and do some work from there. As always, the atmosphere of a coffeeshop is so relaxing! I read some, he worked on his laptop, we talked. Laughed. Always, the occasional stolen kiss -heehee

And when in Omaha, I must stop by my two favorite flea markets. And by ‘favorite’ I mean ‘cheap’! Over the years of flea market/thrift store shopping, I have fine-tuned my search. I am always (and almost exclusively) drawn to: linens, vintage material, mismatched china with pinks on it, wire baskets, chairs/windows/doors – in specific soft, vintage colors.

I bought two crates of china – I never want all of one kind of china, but I will take a few pieces and give the others away. The price was too good to pass up. I usually stick with creme based china rather than white, but I couldn’t pass up the pink flowers…

An apron I’ve had my eye on for the past few times I’ve visited…

I LOVE floursack kitchen towels with cross-stitching on them…

A straw purse that I love! The colors are much more muted than some of the typical straw purses…

And a big box of vintage Christmas ornaments (solid color) that I already have a project in my files to create with these!

Just a few items; but a beautiful day outside to spend wandering through flea markets with someone that you love even more than that ‘perfect find’.


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